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Testimonials About Our Keller Dentists

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our dentistry in Keller, Texas. Read what our patients are saying about us below.

It was fine! My entire family has been going to this office for a while now.
I would recommend this office if you live in the Keller Southlake area.
Good office staff too!

- Taylor B.

Dinki is the BEST hygienist ever!
I always have a good experience with this office. Would recommend to anyone including my family.

- Jane Z.

Wonderful staff, great office & experience. I recommend this office to all of my friends.
Thanks again J.

- John W.

Fast service got me in and out, very friendly helpful tips as well.
They accommodated all of my needs just fine!

- Mandy a.

After moving from NETC back to Mansfield last year and visiting a local dental provider I descided that the drive back to Watauga was well worth the trip.

- Sharon W.

Went to their Watauga Office for a broken tooth and a cavity. It was nice to get good treatment and not be over sold anything. This was my first visit to Dental Care of Texas. I would recommend them.

- David Kenneth

I find it normal people always want to complain about services .
But when I get treated fare and I've had a good exsperence I like to share it. I am a new client that just moved here for Florida. I have never had a. Good experience i'n a dentist office . But I have to say this was a goof one. No cavities and no over charging I now consider this to be my new dentist!

- david z.

I had a' toothache and my neighbor recommended Dr. Bonola 's office. She and her family have been going to his practice for years for braces and routine dental treatment. I was able to get in the same day I called and I had a tooth pulled and a root canal. The office staff worked with me on my copayment and I will have a crown and a bridge in January. I think the office staff is wonderful and Dr. Morris is too! I am very grateful and I would recommend Dr. Bonola and his staff to EVERYONE!

- Lisa P.

I went into this office today and I am very grateful for the care to get me out of pain I received today and the future plan worked out for me. I have been going to another dentist office for 10 years with toothaches and he has pulled the tooth or had root canal like twice a year. The other dentis office never explained to me the need for replacing my pulled tooth or given me a plan to get my teeth in tip top shape. Dr. Bonola explained to me in detail my complete isssues, and a plan to restore my entire mouth over the next 3 years so I wont have to get root canals or teeth pulled a couple times a year. Thank you to Dr. Bonola and his great staff for taking great care of me today by getting me out of pain and for tkaing the time to work out a plan that is not so overwhelming- and on A SATURDAY TOO!!!! WOW

- Lizzie K.